The last thing, forty-five year old, American History teacher, Bethany Ann Anderson expected while on her dream, Spring Break vacation, was to find herself smashed flat as a pancake beneath a huge slab of stone… dead. But that’s exactly what happened. And since it had, she expected to go onward toward the happily-ever-after, afterlife she so desperately needed.

Fate had other ideas, however. It wasn’t Bethany’s time. She’d stepped in front of someone else and taken a turn that hadn’t been hers to take. And after the mess she’d just caused him, if she expected to go toward the light anytime soon, she was going to have to help him right a long ago wrong first.

It had been the only other mistake Tobias Moirae, third generation event manipulator, or better known as Fate, had ever been involved with, and just like Beth’s situation, that one hadn’t really been his fault either.

Twenty year old Lady Elspeth Frasier wasn’t supposed to die on the eve of her wedding to twenty-five year old Laird Quinton MacLeod, but she had. She was supposed to give him the heir history demanded of her. But Elspeth wasn’t the sweet, little convent raised lady everyone thought she was, and if she hadn’t been paying more attention to her step mother’s soup, which she’d had poisoned, she might have been able to retain her balance when Quinton Macleod clumsily caused the accident that cost her, her life. But she hadn’t been paying attention to her own business, and she’d died. And if Fate didn’t intervene, Quint would go on and spend the remainder of his days feeling guilty. He’d never again marry, and never produce the heir he should’ve.

So Beth finds herself in the body of seventeenth century, twenty year old, Elspeth, and that's when the sparks begin to fly.

 Time for a Highlander
      Time Travel

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