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Words to live by from Leeky Shortz

February 2011

Leekyism of the Day

   "What the red-painted toenails of a backwards walking troll trollop strolling down main street are ya people thinking. Alaska, really? What part of living there in the winter time did ya think was a good idea? It's cold and dark. As a matter of fact, it's been so cold lately my arse is tightly puckered shut. Even my silent-but-deadllys are having a hard time squeaking by!"

Leekyism's ta live by

                   "What the purple, pustulated pimples on the backside of a naky troll trollop dancing on top a pickle barrel in the middle of the plaza do ya think ya should be doing, lass? Ta gnome or not ta gnome, that is the question? Remember, once ya go gnome, ya'll never more roam. A gnome in your bush is worth two between the teeth. A gnome a day keeps the Alarian spotted pox away, and most importantly of all, it is better ta have gnomed and lost, than ta have never gnomed at all!"
                        Leeky Shortz...Rouge-gnome extroidinair, Lover of the lasses, and Champion of Albrath.               
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