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Words to live by from Leeky Shortz

July 2011

Leeky's Day

What the postmenapausal, brain-farting of an over the hill toothless ogress dancing nakid in a patch of lilies would ya make of the day I've had, lads and Lassies? Maxine Mansfield is driving me crazy! She still lives in the world where authors were treated like divas, how sad. She can't figger out her new face book page, she can't get a grasp on her new scene in chapter seven, and she can't even begin to get twitter going. It,s horribly embarrassing. 
I know what she needs though, she needs a minion..just one...but one with really good computer skills. A really long... umm well ya get the drift. She is soo cranky. Where's Ritch when ya need him? Oh, forgot..he's working. :(  

Leekyism of the Day :)

What the rosy pink cheeks on a bare assed troll trollup with a wart on her nose and pimples on her privates, doing a pole dance on a barbarian's pecker do ya think of that, lads and lassies? Maxine has been a busy girl with her new books...Two of them really. She's on chapter four of Tamed by the Fire, and Chapter eight of Righting A Wrong. And, it's summer in Alaska so she's been spending time with her Honey-Bunny Rich, and their grandbabies. Hehe... Rich and Honey-Bunny in the same sentence is just plain funny... but then, you'd have ta know him ta get the joke :) Until later, have a great week.  .
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