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Apex's 5 star review of Tested by the Night
Looky Looky Looky !!!!!
Tamed by the Fire
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The Academy Series

Apex's 5 star review of Tested by the Night


info@apexreviews.net Tested By The Night Maxine Mansfield The Wild Rose Press ISBN: 9781509204045 Reviewed By Evelyn Logan Official Apex Reviews Rating:

Tested By The Night is quite the enjoyable read. Equal parts erotica and romantic fantasy, author Maxine Mansfield’s smartly written tale does a commendable job of both chronicling the arousing interplay between Mia and Talon and highlighting their joined, imperiled fate as they strive to protect Alaria.
The fifth installment in The Academy series, Tested By The Night reflects Mansfield’s continued growth as a compelling storyteller, giving her fans and new readers even more to look forward to as further volumes develop. Recommended for devotees of romance and erotica.

Looky Looky Looky !!!!!

What the bare itchy balls of a backwards walking barbarian banjo player dancing for platt on the top of a pickle barrel do ya make of MY new story? Coming September 4th, but out for preorder right now, ya won't believe what I have ta go through ta get Mia and Tanner tagether in MY new story, Tested by the Night!

Tamed by the Fire

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